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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Robb Nunzio of Antidote part II

Nunzio of Antidote returns with part 2 of our ongoing interview with him – this time we dive into Antidote and the recording of Thou Shalt Not Kill. Thanks Nunzio. -Gordo DCXX

At the time we were getting our act together, the early New York hardcore ‘scene’ was just beginning to take form. We had places like 171 A, A7, and the Rat Cage music store to meet at and check out new bands. Everyone in a band at that time hung out down there and by Tompkins Square Park. Antidote, the Beastie Boys, Reagan Youth, Murphy’s Law, Kraut, the Undead, Agnostic Front, Cause For Alarm, Heart Attack, The Psychos, the Abused and a few bands I’m forgetting at the moment were always hanging out at these places between shows. Then when Hilly Kristal at CBGB’s started the Sunday Hardcore Matinees, he kind of gave us a permanent weekend home and daytime hangout spot. And that’s the place that turned what was happening at the time into a scene, because every person driving or walking past Bleeker and Bowery had to eventually confront a giant mob of crazy Punk and Hardcore kids in their natural habitat so to speak!

As far as our recordings, we went into the studio the first time to record the songs that became Thou Shalt Not Kill with HR and Earl from the Bad Brains as our sound engineers. When I heard the recording of that session I thought the whole thing sucked sound and performance wise, so the whole thing wound up in the garbage can. It occurred to me that we needed our regular soundman and Jerry Williams was that guy. Two months later we went back into the studio to do it all again and this time the result was great. That’s the session you hear on Thou Shalt Not Kill pretty much note for note.

Nunzio with Antidote, Photo: Melissa Brooklyn

That recording session went pretty much perfectly, and that’s because we had the luxury of trying once before and this time I made sure we were ready. Googy and I had been on recordings before but our bass player had never been in a recording studio before, so he got a bit intimidated the first time around. We banged out the 8 songs live and we nailed them all on the first take this time. Then Louie did his vocals over the rhythm section, and I took an extra track for a few leads and guitar sounds that I tacked on. As with our live show back then, my idea was to try and capture the band’s extremely high energy performance. Having John Joseph hanging with us and getting up for a chorus didn’t hurt the vibe either.

As far as the guitar sound on the recording, I had this cheap, tiny little practice amp – I think it was called a Fox 1st Avenue amp. It was a tiny box with a six inch speaker and a click on distortion button on the back. I swear to Christ, that’s the truth. Jerry positioned it on a barstool with two sound dampening walls on either side creating a vacuum of sorts, then moved the whole get up into a long corridor type of room outside of the actual studio. A vacuum in a vacuum so to speak. One mic was placed in front of the speaker and another mic was placed on a stand at the opposite end of the corridor. And that is how my “wall of Marshall stacks” sound was created. With a cheap-ass six inch speaker!

I’m one of those artists that always thinks that nothing I’ve ever done was good enough, or that it could’ve been better. That’s what led to the re-recording of Thou Shalt Not Kill in the first place. But honestly, as a lover of high powered and high energy hardcore I’ve always felt that the record was phenomenal and that someday somebody else would notice. I’m glad that that time finally seems to have come.

When I listen to it now I hear the impassioned plea of a struggling young man, or band, crying out for hope and togetherness of some sort in a world gone mad. Even though I wrote it a long time ago it feels like it could have just been released yesterday in some ways and though some of my opinions have grown since then, I still feel that a lot of the record’s core message still remains true in my heart.

Drew Stone, Mark Ryan and Nunzio

Thursday, January 6, 2011



Tim and I will be selling some records in an effort to be able to put some scratch into some DCXX projects popping up in 2011. Here’s some stuff I am offering. Buyers will also receive the DCXX newsletter that we did with the last run of DCXX shirts. Thanks for reading! -Gordo DCXX

*All records/tapes very good to mint condition with all inserts unless otherwise noted.
*Questions or offers, email Gordo at:
*Will sell only through paypal with immediate payment.
*BUYER pays ALL shipping costs, records are in the USA.
*Don’t like the price? Make an offer.
*Wanna buy a bunch of these records? I’ll cut you a deal.

*I will sell this entire collection for $2150 (and I’ll throw in some extra stuff), buyer to pay ALL shipping costs. Get in touch.


Against The Wall ep grey vinyl $20

Atari “We’ll Be Fighting” black vinyl either cover $5

Bad Trip positively bad $5

Bane first ep $15

Bladecrasher 700 club blue vinyl $15

Bold s/t EP black vinyl maroon cover $10

Collapse ep $10

Crippled Youth ep first press $75

Fastbreak don’t stop trying 1st press black $5

Floorpunch Division One Champs 1st press black $15

Generation Of Hope comp bootleg $5

Growing Stronger comp (red letters black vinyl #d with poster $10, blue letters blue vinyl with poster $15)

Half Off shoot guns gold vinyl $10

Haywire “painless steel” $5

Ignite where they talk ep $15

Infest ‘Mankind’ repress gold vinyl $10

Ink & Dagger love is dead $10


Inside Out/YOT bootleg split $5

Inside Out Rev repress white vinyl $40

Instead (spelled INSTEAD) “we’ll be remembered” demo bootleg ep blue vinyl $10

Mainstrike times still here blue vinyl $5

Make It Work comp with YOT (no cover) $25

Murders Among Us comp $10

Negative Approach tied down bootleg pink cover pink vinyl $10

NFAA you laugh silver labels $20

No Escape/Turning Point split black vinyl $10

NYC Mayhem demo bootleg Revoltation $10

Over The Line crucial response demo 7″ test press $35/make offer

Rain On The Parade full speed ahead blue cover green vinyl #59 out of 97, and TEST press (make offer on both)

Release no longer $10

Reveal descent PMA records $10


Shelter no compromise $15

Shelter live reality boot $10

Shelter quest for certainty/after forever boot $10

Sick Of It All pushed too far boot $10

Side By Side ep silver labels $25

Skewbald grand union ep clear vinyl $10

Snapcase steps clear vinyl $10

Slapshot same mistake ep green vinyl $10

Sportswear keep it together clear vinyl $15, blue vinyl $15

Sportswear it runs deep yellow and orange vinyl $15

Straight Ahead LP bootleg on EP gold vinyl $5

Strife ‘grey’ red vinyl $10

Supertouch ep $20

Ten Yard Fight HC pride EP blue vinyl $10 / grey vinyl EVR $10

TYF/Fastbreak split ep all colors and versions $10 each

TYF the only way dark red $10

The Trust gold vinyl $10

Turning Point/No Escape split black vinyl $10

Uniform Choice demo double 7″ $10


Unity you are one ep black vinyl with diehard insert $55

Unity total weirdo japanese EP boot $10

Where Fear And Weapons Meet clear vinyl $10

Wide Awake hold true demo bootleg $5

Wide Awake ‘the end’ live ep $10

Words To Live by comp first press black $10

X Marks The Spot comp SFT repress $10

YOT live at CBs boot $10

YOT yesterday live euro boot $10

YOT live at van hall 1989 ep grey vinyl $10



Bad Brains omega sessions gold vinyl $15

Cro Mags demo boot red letters $30

Judge Chung King boot $20

Verbal Assault exit $10



Bad Brains Roir LP red vinyl $20

Bad Brains Rock For Light white vinyl $30

Breakdown blacklisted clear vinyl $20

Cornerstone beating the masses yellow vinyl $20

Cro Mags live at Wellingtons boot $20

Damage Control what it takes Euro tour press $25

The First Step OHCM AM/Livewire Clear vinyl $20

For The Sake Of Dedication green vinyl with booklet $20

Gorilla Biscuits “ep and demo on 1 LP” We Bite black vinyl $25

Half Off The Truth LP black vinyl $15

In My Eyes the difference between yellow vinyl $40

Justice League Shattered Dreams fartblossom $25


Leeway born to expire profile/rock hotel $30

Marginal Man ‘identity’ $20

Negative Approach tied down purple cover recent T&G press $15

Nerve Agents first lp green vinyl $20

Onward these words gold vinyl $20

NYHC Sunday Matinee clear vinyl $20

Rebirth Of HC LP purple vinyl supersoul Ed McKirdy’s face on the cover(!) $20

Underdog vanishing point reissue red vinyl $20

Verbal Assault learn $20

Verbal Assault Trial promo LP no insert $10

Purpose red vinyl $10

Redemption 87 clear vinyl new age $20

Vision In The Blink Of An Eye purple vinyl Nemesis $35


SSD get it away XClaim! No insert $75

SSD kids EXClaim! boot $30

Ten Yard Fight back on track gold vinyl $35

YOT BDTW We Bite $30

YOT CCME We Bite yellow vinyl $40

YOT BDTW We Bite yellow $40

YOT WNITA funhouse yellow vinyl $40

YOT CCME rev repress green vinyl $75

YOT BDTW rev repress orange vinyl $75

YOT WNITA rev repress dark red vinyl $100

YOT anarchy in vienna live bootleg LP $25


DEMOS/TAPES (make offers on all)
Over The Line 1997 demo yellow cover

IME demo 1997

Fastbreak “Youth Pride” demo

Close Call demo 1997

Floorpunch Goal Line Stand demo

Ten Yard Fight demo

Kid Dynamite demo

TFS west coast tour 2001 tape

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I got involved in the Orange County, California hardcore scene in 1990 by accident. My brother wanted me to go to this show at the Reseda Country Club. The bill was Judge, Carry Nation, Walk Proud and Farside. There may have been another band… Quicksand might have even been scheduled to play… that was 21 years ago now so it’s hard to remember.

Anyway, I went to that show and I kept going to shows. Even now, while sporadic, I still go to shows. However, the majority of my friends from the height of my show going days are still the people I spend the majority of my free time with. That to me is what’s most important about this unique scene. My major involvement with hardcore was from 1990-1997. That is the time period that is chronicled in the documentary ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER.

The reason for making this film isn’t to say one period of music was better or more important than another. Rather, I think my friends did some stuff, musically or otherwise, that was important and special. And because these people are my friends that’s why I wanted to make this film. I hope you enjoy this clip and I hope that makes you want to see the full film (it is completed!) which should be screening somewhere near you, in some way, very soon.

The above video is from the first 7 minutes of ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER.

– Evan Jacobs

DYS live at Bowery Electric, NYC, 1/2/2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

The infamous Britches BOLD shirt

Matt with BOLD in Asia, 2010, Photo: Khairul Piesay Faizi

This here is one of those very strange, unexplained, anomaly, coincidence type shirt designs. Although I wish I had more details on it, the only thing I have are these photos.

Front design

What I can tell you is that this particular shirt was bought by Ed McKirdy from the clothing store Britches, back sometime around 1989. Ed obviously knew the shirt had nothing to do with the band BOLD, but the logo and concept were so similar, that he had to buy it anyway. The logo literally looks like it was plucked directly off a Revelation Records BOLD shirt, minus the bars and minus the traditional back photo. What’s funny is that before I actually knew Ed, I remember seeing him wear this shirt to a City Gardens show, sometime between 1989 and 1990 and getting a bit of a chuckle out of seeing someone wear a “fake” BOLD shirt. At the time I had no idea what Britches was, but I knew it wasn’t a product of the band.

Either way, it’s an interesting find that really leaves you scratching your head. If any of our readers happen to remember this shirt and or know any further back story on it, feel free to comment or get in touch with us. -Tim DCXX

Back design

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Riot on the Dancefloor

Greetings all.

Just wanted to let you know that we launched the official website for the upcoming film “Riot on the Dancefloor: The Life and Times of Randy Now and City Gardens”.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out. If you are interested in being involved in this project, feel free to contact me. – Steven DiLodovic

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Robb Nunzio – Antidote

Nunzio with Antidote at the Gallery East Reunion Show 8/29/10, Photo: Return To The Pit

Antidote guitarist Nunzio delivers some NYHC history to us and gives the inside scoop on the origins of the legendary ANTIDOTE. Much thanks to him, and plenty more to come. Be sure to make it out to Antidote’s show with DYS at Bowery Electric, in NYC on January 2nd! -Gordo DCXX

I grew up in Hell`s Kitchen NY across the street from the old MSGarden on 50th St. and 9th Ave. My earliest musical influences were the Beatles / Jackson 5 / 3 Dog Night/ The Who`s Tommy/ Elvis Presley / and Snoopy and his friends the Royal Guardsmen was an early favorite when I was a kid. I read Archie comics, collected Hot Wheels cars and went to Yankee and Rangers games with my Uncle. Then as a preteen, I ran wild in the streets of the westside and created havoc with my friends like most born and bred city kids wind up doing.

I started getting in trouble and my grandma fell ill so we moved over the bridge to Queens. That’s when I got bored and picked up the guitar at around 14. My musical tastes also broadened as I was listening to Kiss / ACDC/ Black Sabbath etc. Then I found the Ramones Rocket To Russia and the first Clash album and Never Mind The Bollocks and started teaching myself those songs on the guitar. Getting heavily into early punk shaped my adult life from that point on. And it is still some of my favorite music to this day. What better way was there at the time for bored / confused and growing teens to express themselves in those days?


Before I started Antidote, I had started several bands after graduating high school. Those bands were formed with friends from Jackson Heights mainly. The Lust Scabs and Vas Deferens were the 2 bands I did where I started to try out the early songs I had written. After those bands I had a better idea of what a group should consist of and I wanted to form a more professional type of group that could play in the New York club scene which at that time was Max’s Kansas City, CBGB, Hurrah, the Mudd Club, Danceteria, Irving Plaza and the Peppermint Lounge. Remember, this was BEFORE the NY Hardcore scene happened.

Antidote was formed after I had met the guys in the Bad Brains. I saw them open for the Clash at Bonds and knew that I had to meet them. One of the guys in Vas Deferens lived downtown and knew they rehearsed at 171 A on Avenue A. So I went down there and booked us a block of rehearsal time. The guy who ran the place was Jerry Williams, and we got along well enough so that he let me hang around the place while he was recording their infamous ROIR cassette. So I got to know H.R. and Dr. Know as friends and they kind of took me under their wing so to speak.

They were playing at Trudy Heller’s on 6th Ave. one weekend, and they invited us to get onstage after they played and do some songs, and that’s what we did. Tommy Victor was in the audience and approached me after the show with some feedback. I liked what he was saying and my girlfriend at the time who played bass for a group named Neon Leon knew him and told me he was a very talented dude. I wound up sharing an apartment with him on First Avenue and 1st Street and we immersed ourselves in music.

Original Antidote lineup at CBGB, NYC, Photo courtesy of: Nunzio

Tom taught me a lot of shit and knew everyone on the downtown music scene because he was in a few bands. Arthur Googy was a good friend of mine from Jackson Hgts. Him and I and a couple other people were the only ‘punks’ in the hood at that time and he was having time off from the Misfits, so I got him to play with me and Tom and that was the earliest lineup of Antidote.

The songs we played then were a mixture of hardcore, punk, and British Oi type shit and some Ska thrown in. We did songs that I wrote and songs that Tom wrote and a couple of collabarations. When Tom split the band and Googy and I moved on and got another bass player, I wrote a whole new batch of songs strictly in the hardcore vein. I was listening to mostly HC shit like Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, Fear, the Descendants, Minor Threat and lots of British shit like GBH and the Business, the 4 Skins and any kickass Oi shit.

But my old Punk and early Metal influences like Sabbath and KISS were still inside my head so that’s why Thou Shalt Not Kill sounds the way it sounds…


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Double Cross future project fund raiser


Gordo and I have been talking about some future projects here at Double Cross and I thought if selling off a few of my extra records could help fund the projects, I might as well do it. Both of these records are up on eBay right now and the auctions end 12/23/2010. Check them out if you’re interested, thanks. -Tim DCXX

Double Cross eBay Auctions

Mouthpiece – 1st 7″ Middlesex cover
I originally created and printed a small handful of these covers for a Mouthpiece show at Middlesex County College sometime around 1992. The idea was to create a limited cover to help sell the remaining copies that we had left over of our first 7″.


After all these years, I’ve managed to hold on to the original paste-up artwork and just recently printed up 6 more covers. 1 of these re-printed covers went to a long time friend of the band that desperately wanted one for his collection. The other 5 copies went into my own collection and I used them for some extra copies of the 2nd pressing that I still had.

What you have here is one of those 2nd pressing out of my personal collection, with the limited re-printed Middlesex cover. I have no reason to own all 6 copies, so I thought I’d put one up on eBay for any collectors that might be interested.


Hands Tied – 1998 Euro tour limited PX cover pressing
For our 1998 European tour, we had 300 orange vinyl 7″s pressed and I created and printed these limited edition Project X style covers to go with them.

I held on to the last 4 copies (#297-300) of this Euro tour orange vinyl pressing and just recently dug up the original paste-up layouts and printed 4 more covers to go along with my personal copies. I stamped all 4 of my personal copies with a Double Cross stamp, to differentiate these re-printed covers from the originals (the originals were printed on an off-white paper, these are just white).

Again, I have no reason to own all 4 copies, so I’m putting one up on eBay for any collectors that might be interested.



Monday, December 20, 2010

Frontier Records poll wrap up with Lisa Fancher


Our buddy Ben Merlis got Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records fame to deliver her answers to the Frontier Records poll. Big thanks to both of them! -Gordo DCXX

I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Suicidal Tendencies won the Double Cross poll since it is a classic LP and definitely the most well-known Frontier Records release. But I don’t really consider it one of the early ones myself, that period to me was 1980 to 1982 before diverging with Choir Invisible, Christian Death or the Salvation Army. Picking a favorite of those four would be impossible for me but Frontier probably wouldn’t have continued if I didn’t release “Group Sex.”


The first release — Flyboys — didn’t sell well enough for me to recoup the funds, but the Circle Jerks was something of a local blockbuster.

The Adolescents “Blue” album followed close on its heels in the first half 1981. We recorded TSOL and China White in the same week in summer in the same studio in Manhattan Beach. Both releases concluded 1981… Suicidal was released in mid-1983 when I finally came to terms that I was going to run a record label for a living!


I can’t tell you how proud I am that people still love these four records after all these years. – Lisa Fancher

Suicidal TendenciesSuicidal Tendencies163
Circle Jerks Group Sex123
AdolescentsAdolescents – 95
T.S.O.L. – Dance With Me22


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sue Cosby’s basement finds

Sick Of It All at CBGB, NYC, Photo courtesy of: Sue Cosby

Inward Monitor Fanzine co-editor, Sue Cosby, did a little digging through some twenty plus year old boxes in her basement and uncovered these gems. I thought it would make for a nice little DCXX entry, so I asked Sue if I could share them here, which she gladly obliged. Big thanks to Sue and I hope you enjoy these. -Tim DCXX

Absolution at CBGB, NYC, Photo courtesy of: Sue Cosby

Turning Point set list circa 1988

A freshly inked Adam Thompson from Device, Photo courtesy of: Sue Cosby

H.R. and the Bad Brains at City Gardens, Trenton, NJ, Photo courtesy of: Sue Cosby


Bear, Steve and Rich from Insted on tour, hanging with some East Coast locals, Photo courtesy of: Sue Cosby

Jon Inward Monitor, Steve Insted and Billy get some gas, Photo courtesy of: Sue Cosby


Kevinsted faces the CB’s crowd, Photo courtesy of: Sue Cosby

Billy and Steve Insted, hangin’ tough, Photo courtesy of: Sue Cosby


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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