The Youth Of Today
May 13th, 2012 by Larry

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Youth Of Today – “Can’t Close My Eyes” collection

The YOT – “Can’t Close My Eyes” collection, including a test pressing, the “Crucial Times” cover, a standard Batman stamp pressing, first and second pressings and the 1 of 20 altered back cover version that was done at Dan O’Mahony’s house by the YOT guys on the 1987 “Break Down The Walls” tour.

Back in early November I posted an entry on how I found the infamous Youth Of Today – “Crucial Times” cover, lying on the floor in my basement, after some construction had been done. Apparently a gold vinyl, Batman stamped 7″ was in that sleeve at some point as well. Tonight, while digging for a copy of the Pushed Aside demo for a friend, I found the Batman stamped YOT 7″ leaning up against a pile of stuff that the construction workers must have put aside. Again, my assumption is that this 7″ got stacked away in a pile and while the construction was going on in my basement, it literally must have gotten shook lose and fallen to the floor. Luckily for me, nothing was damaged.

After finding this gold vinyl Batman stamped version of the “Can’t Close My Eyes” 7″, I of course packed it away with the “Crucial Times” cover, but also took a minute to shoot some photos of my entire Youth Of Today – “Can’t Close My Eyes”, Positive Force collection. I’m still working on bringing a Some Records pressing into the collection, but hopefully that’s coming soon. -Tim DCXX

A “Can’t Close My Eyes” test pressing, the “Crucial Times” cover and vinyl and a standard Batman stamp press “Can’t Close my Eyes”.