May 2nd, 2013 by Ed


13 Responses to “BLACK FLAG – DOWN IN THE DIRT”

  1. (B)OLD Says:

    a red leather trouser?! 🙂

  2. Ben Edge Says:

    Not a very tuneful song, but Ron’s voice still sounds EXACTLY like it did in 1980.

  3. Squid Says:

    horrible. almost as bad as the new DYS stuff.

  4. oldschoolsteve Says:

    one question!!! why?

  5. Tito Says:

    so fucking bad

  6. Joe Snow Says:

    I don’t hate it. It’s not great but I think it’s OK. It could have been much worse…

  7. George Says:

    Not as bad as people are making it sound. I thought it was gonna be Grave New World bad, this isn’t terrible. Like anyone was gonna give Ginn a chance.

    Keith can fart on tape and people will call it SGT. Pepper’s. Dez has been in the Misfits for the last 12 years making some truly horrible records, and we don’t want to talk about the Chuck Dukowski sextet or whatever his latest project was called.

    Obviously the money divide that exists between the parties will never be bridged. That sucks, I wish it wasn’t this way. Frankly, neither of these ‘reunions’ should be happening, but the fact is they are.

    If I had to choose I would go with Ron & Greg. Flag is nothing but a cash grab, revival show. So is Ginn’s, but at least Ginn’s version is going out on a limb and putting new music out. They have to know people will absolutely hate on it, which makes it a fuck of a lot more Punk Rock than just going through the motions and playing all the ‘hits’.

  8. D.H. Says:

    It always amazed me how resistant to change audiences can be. The song is not bad, in fact I would say it was good. As a qualifier, I, in addition to being a contrarian, dug all of Black Flag’s records; I and especially loved the ones that everyone else hated. I did so not to the exclusion of the more popular releases instead I would listen to them all together. I could play the Process of Weeding Out and Jealous Again one after the other and it made absolute sense. The prospect of a new Black Flag record has me giddy with anticipation, even more so now that I know it will not be a rehash of their previous work, especially Damaged! Is there a record that could be any more rooted in one time or one moment than that (a moment long since gone)? I loved that record when I was 16 but that was decades ago and frankly to my ears, Damaged is unlistenable now. So, ladies and gentlemen accept that you do not own Black Flag, Greg Ginn does. You own your memories of the music and things you did and the people in your life when you heard it and that is all. Black Flag was always about Ginn’s musical vision and expression. As much it may pain some out there to hear this, when it comes to a new Black Flag record listen or don’t.

  9. George Says:

    ^ Well said D.H. ^

  10. 16RPM Says:

    This really is as bad as people are making it out to be….
    Not good.
    Hard to have teenage angst at 50.

  11. ShayKM Says:

    This is not nearly as bad as people are making out here! Listen to the lyrics, to the very well played guitar lines, to the tightness of the band. Ginn is masterful. They need to LOWER the sound quality. It is TOO clear.

    That being said, it would be nice to hear Rollins bring this to a higher level. BF were at their best during the My War period: best album, best line-up, best shows, most insane crowds and the worst reviews of their career. When most critics say it sucks, it is almost always bound to be a scorcher.

    I hope they keep doing this without listening to all the nitwits in the crowd (like myself).

  12. Gopa Says:

    The first time I heard this I didn’t really like it but giving it a 2nd listen I actually think it’s a great song. I think everyone is expecting Jealous Again and after being such a long time don’t get it. Song actually rips. Can’t wait to see them in Brooklyn.

  13. Ste Says:

    Awesome track can’t wait to hear more!

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