May 11th, 2013 by Tim

11 Responses to “BLACK FLAG – “THE CHASE””

  1. Just some guy... Says:

    I loved hating the first song, but I actually like this one. Dammit.

  2. Pedro Says:

    Song’s ok, but the video is unbelievably bad. I wonder if it’s on purpoose.

  3. D.H. Says:

    Just like the first song, great!

  4. jason farrell Says:

    love ron reyes voice…

  5. og. Rudy Says:

    Too many Hater’s in this world!

  6. Ben Edge Says:

    Sounds good to me. Sounds like something that could have been on the TV Party E.P. (but with Ron singing, obviously)

  7. B. Says:

    Also can’t tell if the video’s bad on purpose – it was always hard to tell when BF were being tongue in cheek. I remember a Punk Planet article from 1998(?) where Ginn said Rollins’ way-out poet thing eventually killed all the humor in the band. Hopefully that’s coming back.

  8. Dan_Armstrong Says:

    Wow, this is way better than I expected. The riffs are quite good and it’s got some energy. The vocals are not awesome, but are far from “old dude”. I’m pleasantly surprised and I hate(d) Chavo-era.

  9. oldschoolsteve Says:

    Does Ron look like tom araya from slayer or what!

  10. Millah Says:

    It’s awesome that Greg’s interested in putting out new music instead of just playing it safe and rehashing 30-year old songs. Regarding the vid, I don’t think it’s intentionally bad, in my opinion black flag was always about making music and not necessarily the visual aesthetics – they’re old album covers are really great but the bulk of them the expression of a single visual artist – greg’s brother raymond.

  11. Mike G Says:

    I have to say that it’s what I was more expecting from black flag. I hate that first song “down in the dirt” so I wrote ’em off. This song is good…..its a bit standard sounding ……he could have said something more paranoid and scary than “you better run” but they are so old maybe theyre scared of running haha.

    Then I read that the albums gonna be 22 songs (?!) …..interesting…..I’ve always liked the Ron Reyes era but I guess I’m alone in that boat cause a lot of people hate his style. Whatever… least it’s new material and not just 50 year old dudes playing 30 yeAr old songs.

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