May 30th, 2012 by Gordo

I’d have to say GORILLA BISCUITS, PROJECT X, BEYOND, JUDGE, LIFE’S BLOOD and CONFRONT @ Irv’s was certainly an all-time classic. $5. All those bands ON ONE BILL. No one had ever heard of Life’s Blood…but HOLY FUUUCCCKKK!!! Man they were fucking AMAZING!! PROJECT X were fucking HARD!!! Judge with Jimmy Yu on bass going berserk! What an unbelievable gig…everyone going insane and having a blast. Confront were at their peak and fucking absolutely destroyed. We all hung out all night, went to Kelly’s house, it seemed like summer would never end and the world was wide open and hardcore would always rule and we’d all be friends forever…I can’t tell you how much I miss it. Those were truly the best days of my life.

-Tony Erba, Face Value

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  1. colin tappe Says:

    If you look at the b-side label of the YOT “Disengage” 7″ you’ll see some sick Confront tags on the YOT van. I guess one could assume that’s from this gig?

  2. Tom Brose Says:

    Easily one of the best shows of my life. Erba summed it up pretty well, it was the epitome of hardcore summer fun.

    YOT van came later, we did a bunch of shows with them in July and August of 88. I think all those bands carpooled out from NYC and played Buffalo the night before.

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