June 4th, 2012 by Gordo


I think my influences as a drummer really came for the most part before I was into any hardcore music. Mostly rock and roll stuff. John Bonham from Led Zeppelin was a big one for me. Stuart Copeland from the Police. Some Reggae as well, especially Sly Dunbar who is a really influential session guy from Jamaica and played on tons and tons of records from there. In terms of trying to play really technical or well I don’t think that ever really meant much to me. I think I just wanted to make the songs sound as good as I could.

-Alan Cage, BURN

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  1. chadski Says:

    nerd note: i wouldn’t describe the artboards in that photo as a “mock up” – that’s actual paste-up artwork, with the vellum overlays & everything. it’s calling out instructions to the printer on how to strip the film together (dropping in halftoned photos, sizing logos, pantone colors etc) which is then used to make the plates to get it on press. all that stuff is pre-computer era of how artwork had to be put together.

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