July 27th, 2014 by Ed

9 Responses to “GORILLA BISCUITS LIVE AT CITY GARDENS, 11.10.1991”

  1. lenny zimkus Says:

    i was so dissapointed with those pizza shirts.

  2. gooch Says:

    Wally representing my school, nice. Is that Arthur on bass? I didn’t think he was in the band at that point?

  3. Zusi Says:

    This was the show that Wally asked if they could rent our equipment because they didn’t bring any. GB were WAY past their prime at this point.

  4. ropadopa Says:

    This was the show when i basically SWORE OFF reunion shows. And it was only 1991. Flash forward 25 years.

  5. ropadopa Says:

    Other thoughts:
    Ressurection were amazing at this show. So gnarly. Always thought that band was sorta genius. SXE played super experimental and noisy.

    I also remember NOFX covering Straight Edge as a lounge song at this show. And it going over like a wet fart in a small elevator. Their set was sooooo painful. I know the demo is cool.. but.. yeah, jokey HC was not my thing.

    I did nab a GB pizza shirt at this show and sold it to somebody prob around 96 or so for like 20 bux, thinking that was outrageous. I remember selling it cuz i was(am) vegan and felt weird wearing a pizza shirt.

  6. Brett B. Says:

    That was me who didn’t like the pizza shirt. George Not For the Weak and I were giving the thumbs down.

  7. Brett B. Says:

    I was the one who didn’t like the pizza shirt; true story. George Not for the Weak and I were giving the thumbs down.

    This video is as painful as it was in real life.

  8. Tom M. Says:

    It’s funny how GB way past their prime is still better than most hardcore! Because Walter writes good songs

  9. Tom Says:

    1991 was a strange time for hardcore . Every youth crew kid from the late 80s was off to college
    All of the ny bands and kids were growing their hair long and smoking weed

    Kids at shows ditched their champion sweatshirts for sweaters from the gap
    And designer jeans

    This era gave birth to quicksand and many others
    It began to become all about style and drugs

    It was an odd time for hardcore to say the least
    And yes we were all guilty in one way shape or form

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