August 25th, 2012 by Larry

Grosso sits down with Duane Peters and talks about why style matters…


  1. jaybird Says:

    this is the best one, great history lesson. i could watch an hour of this

  2. Daniel Says:

    Am I punk yet…can I do my feeble to fakie,hand down smith grinder? Grosso/Peters/punk! just hit the downtown streets of Austin/rolling around in and out of traffic. Dig your blog. Like the fact you mix it up…skatin/sxe/punk blah blah blah.

  3. Gray Says:

    All that, and no mention of Chris Miller? C’mon Mothra, you can do better than that.
    Fucking Duane Peters has gross style, looks like a turd when he’s doing those lame rollouts and reverts, but Chris Miller goes twice as fast, as far, and as heavy as anybody else, ever, and…AND, you instantly knew it was Chris Miller because of the way he tweaked his airs.

    I expected more from Jeff Grosso.

  4. Ben Edge Says:

    Chris Miller made the Love Letters dedicated to slams. I agree that he should have been in the style one as well.

  5. Pedro Says:

    Anything with Raw Power on the soundtrack gets my approval.

  6. XSLABAX Says:

    KEVIN STAAB! Personal favorite.

  7. Roa. Says:

    I once saw Dave Hackett throw one of those snap backs & I have been trying to do one, ONE, of them ever since (I have failed).

  8. Rob Says:

    I have skated with Natas a couple times and jesus, i feel like a total corpse on wheels compared to that guy.

  9. ShayKM Says:

    I second Pedro’s comment on Raw Power. I watched the whole thing just because of that early hook.
    The ‘Screams from the Gutter’ LP is still in my top five – all time. Interestingly, I remember skating to RP when they made it onto some of the BCT comps in the mid-80s!!! They never got the love they deserved.

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