July 7th, 2013 by Tim


5 Responses to “HC STICKERS”

  1. (B)OLD Says:

    septic death! Yeah!

  2. ROA. Says:

    A.HC. rules, okay?

  3. (B)OLD Says:

    yes, it rules!!

  4. Millah Says:

    haha – I cut up that minor threat sticker so it would fit on the back of my moped helmet.

  5. carrie dasa Says:

    All of my hardcore and skateboarding stickers starting circa 1987 are in mint condition due to my inability to stick them on anything. I had a theory once that I was so reluctant to ever “use” them because in some future apocalyptic world scenario they would become the only currency worth anything and I would be the richest lady in the world!! seriously I have like a thousand stickers in boxes now! and I still wont stick them! Its nice to go through them sometimes and all the memories flood back of long gone days. same goes wirh all ,y records/flyers/ and old zines.. good times

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