September 7th, 2013 by Tim


Flyer from JFA’s first gig. May 5, 1981, before we were even called JFA, we were called The Breakers. Then we found out that some hippy surf band in California already had that name, so since all our friends already called themselves JFA after our song “Jodie Foster’s Army” and we already had bandannas that Bam-Bam made by stealing his mother’s bed sheet, dying it green, cutting it in squares, and writing JxFxAx on it with a black marker, we had a pretty easy time coming up with our new name. -JFA

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  1. ShayKM Says:

    Very interesting flyer! For those years, this is a really strange take on a HC show flyer – kinda dada meets situationist. I have collected thousands of these since I was a kid, but I have never seen this one! Very cool…

  2. ROA. Says:

    Wow! Great post!

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