May 20th, 2013 by Ed

11 Responses to “JUDGE: NIGHT ONE AT BLACK ‘N BLUE 2013”

  1. ropadopa Says:

    Oh god that guitar tuning issue is hilarious… Who is the other dude? And is that Matt on bass? Can’t tell.. And is that Sammy? Sorry, im not up on their current looks… Def can’t tell by the playing..

    That said, They seem soooooo lethargic… Like zero energy, even from Porcell. Beginning of Fed Up in particular is major bummer, and soooooo low energy.

    Sorry, I don’t want to be a hater… just really disappointing.

  2. Tim Says:

    schism should update the x’d up fists logo with everyone holding their iPhone. film hard or die!

  3. Benj Says:

    I went on Sunday night and most people said the energy was better than Saturday. Yes, that’s Sammy, Matt and Charlie from Civ and Outface. Don’t be fooled, Porcell was all over the fucking place most of the set. You can totally tell he’s still really into it. It was a sick show.

  4. Tito Says:

    sounds like Mike is narrating the entire set

  5. andy Says:

    i don’t know, i can’t quite see it as critically. i mean, you can see porcell going off, and apparently mike wasn’t any different stagewise back in the day (cf. footage). but what i’m most interested in is his voice. and THAT was definitely not disappointing!

  6. T Says:

    I agree with the iPhone comment too — people… do you even experience a show anymore? It’s like you’re living in a Facebook post. Put down your phone and live in the moment!

  7. FrenchXBastard Says:

    i have to agree with the last comment. Whats wrong with hardcore today?

  8. og. Rudy Says:

    Nothing exciting…. Trust me… Too many iphone’s jerkoff’s & Not one good looking broad in the whole club, not to mention all the horrible Judge tattoo’s on people i mistakenly noticed… What’s wrong with HC, Absolutely Nothing! It’s what’s wrong with the World! That’s what i’m wondering…… Going to have to skip next year’s show… All these re-onions are starting to taint all my good memory’s of the golden years ~ N.Y.H.C.

  9. Andrew Says:

    I had a blast both days! Judge sounded great and it was alot of fun…

  10. (B)OLD Says:

    “schism should update the x’d up fists logo with everyone holding their iPhone. film hard or die!”

    so funny!!

  11. Mikebythesun Says:

    The video didn’t capture the energy in that room. The only hint of it is the sound of the singalong to the first few lines of Take Me Away. It was amazing.

    As far as energy on stage, these guys aren’t out playing every night anymore, so what do you expect? Ever play a set after not doing it for years? Try it sometime. And i cant imagine what its like to do at their age. But Mike J didn’t lose anything. The man sounded like a TRUCK the whole time. He was one of my biggest inspirations and I wasn’t remotely disappointed in what he did Saturday night.

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