March 29th, 2012 by Gordo

DCXX’s Ed McKirdy with aggro air into the Boston crowd for Dave Smalley and DYS. Photo by returntothepit.

“One of the D.Y.S. songs is called “Brotherhood,” and the chorus has the lyrics “brotherhood — true till death” in there. I can’t remember whether I came up with the lyric first or the tattoo line itself. But all I do know is that once it hit me, it was emblazoned into my soul. You know, the thing about that period of time, and I think like this still, is that loyalty is extremely important. I probably value loyalty to and from friends more than anything else. I expect a good friend to take a bullet for me and I’d likewise take one for them, you know? The Boston Crew was very loyal to one another – disagreements sometimes, to be sure, but it was unity once the fights with the jocks or in other cities started, or once we were out spraypainting or hanging out in Kenmore Square.

And even today, I value each one of those guys, and what that time frame meant to me as a person, and to music and hardcore especially. True Till Death. And straight edge was such a vital component of all of that – it was really the glue that helped make the crew unbreakable. And when you’re living that kind of lifestyle, where ideals really do matter, then it’s not done in half-measures – it was till death.”

-Dave Smalley

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  1. Yudhistipin Says:

    .And for the musical part: with album cervos like this I’d be tempted to at least listen to the CD.But, you and Gordo took off with this blog on an incredible level of quality. Lately, and I read this blog daily, it seemed you ran out of inspiration. Also, because MP didn’t have godhead status like YOT or Judge, why not write an article about the whole band and make it a masterpiece that would stand out between the other masterpieces you’ve written before? There’s about a dozen articles on either Triple Threat or Mouthpiece on this blog but it’s nothing more than fragments, which makes me lose interest in either one of them.As far as I’m concerned you’ll write more on MP in the future. Just try to keep focus on the band or the scene around the band and take the focus off of Tim Mouthpiece.Enough about that I guess…Just keep it up with this unique blog. You have gold in your hands. All I can say is I’m hoping this latest poll you’re running leads to the long awaited interview with Mike Judge!Oh, btw: I know of some european people (besides myself) that offered help writing stuff for you, like you ask for on the front page. It would help if you’d answer you emails some time…One last word to Mr. Name: it’s not very polite nor pc to cuss and call Jake a fag. Mr. T would crush you, you FOOL!

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