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It’s been awhile and we do apologize, but we’re finally back with part six of our interview with Mike Judge. There’s plenty more to come, so hang in there and enjoy this installment. -Tim DCXX

Seeing YOT was a total re-charge for me. It was like hearing a real hardcore band again. I had lost that. Seeing them was like allowing me to go back and erase the mistakes I had made with the musical direction we had gone in DBD. It helped me reconnect with Mark Ryan. He started Supertouch again and I just started playing with them, but I definitely wasn’t good enough to do what they were doing, especially with Biv in the mix. He was a great guitar player with great ideas and I couldn’t back him at all. I wasn’t talented enough to play what he was playing. I learned to play drums originally in DBD to simply keep a band alive. That interview with Biv on Double Cross where he talked about me was rough. He was saying how my drumming was holding the band back and how once they got Andy things were so much better and on and on. It bummed me out because I was never trying to do anything more than keep the band going. A lot of it had to do with me joining YOT. That pissed them off. Because as soon as I joined YOT we went on tour.

When I was out on tour, we were on our way home and my girlfriend at the time was like “when you get home be careful because Mark Ryan says he has guys that are gonna beat you up for the way you left.” I was like, “uh whatever, ok.” Some of the names mentioned of who was gonna beat me up were people I knew. So the last show YOT was playing on that tour was in Buffalo with Warzone. Some of the guys mentioned were part of the Warzone crew. So when I got there I was expecting something. I wasn’t worried though because Richie was with me in YOT and that guy is a wrecking crew. So I wasn’t scared. But nothing happened and nothing was even hinted at. So now we come home and at the Sunday matinee I’m thinking if it’s going to happen it will be there. So I’m walking up to the show and there’s a car parked right there out in front and the window rolls down and someone calls me over. I forget the guy’s name but it’s a Krishna guy that ran with Harley and Bloodclot. He sticks his head out and says Mike come here.  He was one of the guys that had also been mentioned so I’m like “oh shit here we go.”  I sort of hesitate.  He’s like “come here.”  I’m like “dude I’m not sticking my head in that window.” He’s like “why? I just want to talk.” I say “that’s fine but I’m just not sticking my head in that window.” So he got out and is like “you don’t really think I’m gonna do something to you for Mark Ryan, do you?” He’s like “I would never do anything like that, man.” Me and Mark never really talked at all after that. We were old friends, there were plenty of people playing in other bands, Supertouch had nothing planned. I didn’t leave them stranded or in a bad spot. But it rubbed him the wrong way. There may have been a little thing with him and Cappo that fueled it, but I didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone was in multiple bands…Arthur, Walter, a lot of guys. It just sucked when I read that Biv interview because it made it sound like I held that band back. It seemed unnecessary. Those guys never talked to me and I didn’t talk to them. I saw Mark when I was on BNB radio and it was fine.

Pretty quickly once I was in YOT, I felt like I didn’t belong with those guys. The differences were becoming very obvious to me. I didn’t grow up like Cappo or Porcell. But I needed a band like that because it brought back a music I loved and they were doing it. When they needed a drummer, they moved to New York. I had seen them in Philly and dug it and it reignited something and so I started Supertouch again and got me into it and hanging out in the city. So once they moved down we crossed paths a lot. I think it was the Cro-Mags at the Ritz and I was walking by the pizzeria on St. Marks and Cappo comes running out. He’s like “Mike, we need a drummer for YOT. What do you think, do you wanna try out?” I was like “I mean…I guess, I’ll try out.” He says “that’s awesome” and tells me when and where. At the show, I see Porcell and he says “man I heard you are trying out I am so psyched, I really wanna be in a band with you!”



So I come home and I set up my drums at my girlfriend’s house. I got the Break Down The Walls record playing in my headphones and I can’t even come close to Drew on that. I realize there’s no way I’m getting in that band. I tell Mark Ryan to tell those guys there’s no sense in me even trying out, I can’t play at that speed. Cappo tells Mark I have to just come and try out anyways, begging Mark to get me there. So I go to Giant Studios on 14th street, total shithole. It’s Richie, Cappo and Porcell, and Richie is on guitar and I am playing with him. I can’t even keep up, I’m not even close. I realize it’s over and it’s not for me. I’m already in my mind headed home. So they all go outside to talk and I’m ready to go home because I know it’s over, I’m just sitting there. They come back and are like “you got the gig, we’re going to Canada!”  I’m like, “what?” It didn’t even make sense why they would want me. The next night we rehearse again and I try to play faster and it’s not great but it’s better. I’m just so stoked. Here’s this band that got me back into it and I’m in the band going on tour.

So we go to Canada but right away the differences start popping up. I was different than them. My fuse was short. It’s not the right way, but I settle things with my hands. If I try to talk I stumble over my words and hit you anyways.  Richie was the same way. He was a well-spoken guy but he had a violent streak. I didn’t know him prior to that. I didn’t know him from the early NY scene, we didn’t cross paths. I didn’t know Craig but I had seen him once when NYC Mayhem opened for the Cro-Mags. I really didn’t know these guys, and I didn’t like talking to people, and covered up the shyness with a violent act or two. Richie was very smart and well-spoken but could turn on the violence in an instant. Nasty guy. Craig…I love Craig and he has a heart of gold and is an innocent guy who can be easily taken advantage of and I saw that happen within the band. Being stuck in a van with guys…if you aren’t meshing, things can go horribly wrong. I don’t know if Cappo got off on humiliating Craig but it drove me nuts. I would catch myself laughing and then it made me hate myself and hate the guy who told the joke.

It boiled over with being in Detroit one night. This band playing that night didn’t like YOT and was throwing deer meat and guts and shit on stage as we played. I forget the band. They were corny. I wasn’t vegetarian, but it was the disrespect that really fucking pissed me off. I wanted to send them all home in a box. I was ready to stop playing and handle it. Richie was too. We got done and we’re off in the corner and I’m telling Cappo “let’s go fucking save face.”  He was saying something but it was like Charlie Brown teacher talk to my ears. Unless it was “let’s go kill them,” I didn’t hear it. Richie and I are ready to go confront these guys ourselves. So finally Cappo says “ok look, we’ll all go together.” I’m like fuck yeah, this is on. So we march up to these fucking cats and I am just waiting for the signal, following Cappo. We get up to them and just when it is about to happen, Cappo recites 7 Seconds lyrics to the guy, and marches off. I’m like “what? That’s it?” These guys were laughing at us right in our faces. I was dumbfounded. I realized:  I don’t feel this way. I don’t want to forgive. I’ll forgive, but not right yet. I’ll forgive…but for now I am going to fuck some people up.

There were smaller things, too. At some other show this guy comes up to the table and is giving Cappo a hard time about the cost of the record. And then he gets belligerent and says “fine I don’t want this shitty record anyway.” I’m standing there with Cappo, and I basically go to push Cappo out of the way to clock this fucking guy and Cappo steps in and right there in front of everybody gives me this scolding. I was like “WHAT?” He was always telling me I can’t do that, I can’t pop off like that. I just wanted out, I hated that feeling of being castrated. I didn’t go out of my way to look for fights, but I didn’t feel like everything was settled with Kevin Seconds lyrics. It doesn’t always work. Some people need a fucking beating.



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  1. Pedro Says:


  2. lenny zimkus Says:

    was just thinking about some more JUDGE talk today and here it is. Thanks again to mike for doing this.
    Looks like Tim Armstrong from Rancid behind Mike in that bottom pic

  3. Pov Says:

    The bottom YOT photo appears in Cometbus Fanzine, and say’s, “punks (and youth of today) at Winchell’s after a Gilman show.”

    Must have been after the 3/27/88 show with Insted, NFAA, Unit Pride.

  4. xxx Says:

    t boiled over with being in Detroit one night. This band playing that night didn’t like YOT and was throwing deer meat and guts and shit on stage as we played. I forget the band. They were corny. I wasn’t vegetarian, but it was the disrespect that really fucking pissed me off.

    Probably Boom and the Legion of doom.

    From Metro Times:

    As for the animal parts thrown out at shows, Boom says, “We had a cooler in the van for our beer and we’d put road kill in there. The smellier, grosser stuff was the stuff that got thrown out. We had classic pig heads; you’d put a cigarette in its mouth and throw it out.
    “I’d come onstage sometimes wearing a fawn skin. I can remember Kevin Seconds [of 7Seconds] and Youth of Today getting really bummed about that. I thought I was punk rock! But we didn’t understand the whole straight-edge scene or any of that crap.

  5. AM Says:

    Great stuff.
    Also, Chuck Miller took this 1st picture…

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    Fed the fuck up!!!!!!!!! The last pictures rad,milk and donuts, hell ya.

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    just goes to show: once from CONNECTICUT, ALWAYS from CONNECTICUT

    YOT = suburban wannabes, not NYHC

  8. ShayKM Says:


    Are you kidding? Name one NYHC band where EVERY member (throughout the life of the band) was born and raised in the five boroughs. If you can, then that is one tiny fucking list!

    Drop the tough guy posturing and read what Mike is getting at.

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    not sure you want to be hit by Mike Judge

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    love it! please don’t let us wait so long again…

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    Ryan Hoffman makes this post brilliant!

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