May 31st, 2012 by Gordo

6 Responses to “MINDFUNK”

  1. Dmurph Says:

    Oh man, after watching this I looked up “sugar ain’t so sweet” and unbelievably knew the words. Haven’t heard that since like 92. That song was huge on WSOU in NJ. I may have to look up Circus of Power next. Feels like a bad trip through sophomore year

  2. ShayKM Says:

    Brutal, painful, sad, pathetic, disturbing, and just unnecessary! Was this posted for a laugh or to somehow punish your loyal readership. Listening to such inarticulate nonsense from a man who once wore X’s on his hand is sickening. He uses the word ‘like’ about 25 times, making him a perfect candidate for a remake of “Valley Girl”. Ohhh, the horror, the horror!

  3. angryaholic Says:

    Wow. I thought I did some embarassing shit in my 20s. Yeesh.

  4. Roa. Says:

    Mind Funk may have been awesome or may have sucked but Pat Dubar at least never looked back and did the whole Sha Na Na, high school reunion circuit of punk rock.

    He was always nice to me.

  5. Blackstool666 Says:

    Dear ShayKM,
    “Brutal, Painful, sad, pathetic, disturbing, and just unnecessary”..those are great words unfortunately I would like to hold the mirror up to you. I can easily regurgitate the same words about your life. I will however include 2 more……OBSCURE AND MEDIOCRE. I understand your desire to stand in judgement of your “scene ..bro” but from some keyboard tough guy, pseudo intellect, the intended result misses the target. Keep identifying with off the grid fanzines and hurling directives on how you think people should grow and be……everyone has to be good at something I guess. Remember my friend, its usually the first guys through the wall that get the bloodiest.

  6. xSKINHEADx Says:

    Dubar is also in Corporate Avanger. Check it out it is great political hardcore hip hop.


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