August 7th, 2013 by Tim

Mode of Ignorance featuring John Joseph, Harley Flanagan, Robb Nunzio and Elroy.

11 Responses to “MODE OF IGNORANCE LIVE AT CBGB’S 1984”

  1. ShayKM Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Helps me remember just how truly awful so many early to mid-80s HC bands actually were. Imagine what would have happened if the Cro-Mags had never had Mackie or Parris? As a kid it all seemed great, but watching this now is genuinely painful! The timing is HS talent show quality.

  2. toniespinosa Says:

    this is not so bad. only the audio is bad, no drums no vocals no bass. i think this is late 1983 when some bands were starting to play more metallic licks into the hardcore punk sound. half of the cro-mags are playing in this band, so this is important, look at the audience faces, they’re enjoying the band. the early to mid-80s new york hardcore bands were great and essential, the records are very good, and thanks to those bands there was a new york hardcore scene. so thanks and respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Helps me remember just how truly awful so many metalcore ears are, they only can listen super expensive and clean sounds, this is fuckin’ history, and not for lame ears.

  3. Carlos Says:

    JJ or not, this is terrible.

  4. Bill Says:

    Fingertapping within 30 seconds.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Everything about this is fantastic.
    History that I didn’t think existed.

  6. Russ Says:

    How the hell could someone say this is bad? No accounting for taste I suppose. Loving this!

  7. Dan_Armstrong Says:

    yeah, the sound quality is pretty damn bad. and so is this band. i’ve heard about MOI for years but, thanks to the powers of the internet, now i know this isn’t so hot. just because this was comprised of dudes who played in some good/great bands doesn’t mean that this shit is good. two thumbs up for denunzio rocking the one glove action!

  8. Todd A Says:

    83 or 84. No guitar player could consciously say they didn’t experiment with fretboard tapping during the peak of Eddie Van Halen! This is great

  9. Says:

    not only this is great. this is a lot better than most of the bands from late 80’s and the 90’s. And, thanks god, it’s not very metal. An excellent band with a bad brains discharge proto-cromags style. I think doug holland was in this band too. The people who don’t like this are into over-produced stuff, so it’s an easy way for them to say is shit.

  10. ShayKM Says:

    “…better than most of the bands from late 80′s and the 90′s…”

    Very funny! Do you mean better than Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Burn, Inside Out, No For An Answer, Chain of Strength, Iceburn, Integrity and a hundred other bantam-weight HC bands that make MOI look like high-school talent show material… or worse. Being historical doesn’t make a band good. The Mags were great… not this. Evolution is a nice thing.

    Worst of all, you compare this band to Discharge. I saw Discharge in those years and MOI are not even in the same stratosphere. What you may mean, in your youthful ignorance, is a later Broken Bones or perhaps a GBH in their cheesy metal experimentation stage. Do you remember Midnight Madness and Beyond? Complete garbage. MOI was in this league. Sorry.

  11. Gabby Says:

    yes, i think this is a lot better than burn, inside out, iceburn, integrity and all of those over produced post-hardcore emo bands. If you don’t like my comments i’m sorry i don’t like yours. this post is for MOI fans, so go to some ICEBURN or BURN posts. I saw DISCHARGE in 81and they’re were great, i saw them again in ’84 and they were playin’ cheese metal. MOI weren’t the CRO-MAGS but they were pretty good. The end.

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