August 7th, 2014 by Tim

5 Responses to “QUICKSAND – BOSTON, 11/4/1990”

  1. apt13 Says:

    wow, someone gave me a vhs back in the 90s with this show, an eye for an eye show, and a kingpin show. hadn’t seen it in ages.

  2. gooch Says:

    I had a copy of this on VHS as well which I got in like 91, but the quality was so bad, I barely watched it. Nice to finally get to enjoy 20+ years later.

  3. Mike Says:

    Killer! My friend taped this show along with pretty much every Boston show from this era. This show took place at a club called Bunratty’s. Walter on vox only, great show!

  4. Paul St. Savage Says:

    Wow…..cool to see this footage again. I had a copy also from probably the same kid Mike mentioned. He had every Boston show as well as Anthrax shows. HUGE video collection. This was a really great Quicksand gig at Bunratty’s. They killed it. Played some rare tunes and a cool song that became an instrumental on their LP. That’s me stage diving during the first song (Emission) with the black shirt on over the white long sleeve LOLOL …crazy to see this again! Bunratty’s was the shit! Good shows every week. Shelter, Burn, Insted, Bad Trip, Eye for an Eye, etc…unfortunately the club turned into some frat college shithead bar. Shows here were a blast. Tons of kids. Good sound. Good stage. Alley on the side to hang and chill in. Saw Quicksand earlier this same year at The Anthrax, but this show was superior. They really were evolving as a band. Check out Porcell on the stage next to Capones amp with the moppy hair taking flicks! This was when everyone started growing their hair, wearing baggy Stussy shit and getting metal/progressive. The 90’s were kicking in. Fun memories!

  5. massimo Says:

    I have an NTSC VHS tape of this show, filmed from another angle, and much better quality. I don’t have a VHS player anymore so I can’t convert it right now. But does the other video angle ring a bell to anyone?

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