June 19th, 2012 by Tim

I haven’t seen this or read this myself yet, but I’ve been in touch with Eric for years as this issue has been coming together, particularly on the topic of the Mike Judge interview. From everything I’ve heard from both Eric and Mike, this should be THE tell all Mike Judge interview. So follow the link and order the hell out of what should be, a damn interesting read.

Also, congrats to Eric for finally getting this issue out, I know it’s been a long time coming.

3 Responses to “RUMPSHAKER ISSUE 6”

  1. lenny zimkus Says:

    there will be quiet…

  2. Ev Says:

    The Mike Judge interview is amazing. Completely reinforced and validated my respect for the man.

  3. Gjhead Says:

    Mine arrived in the mail over the weekend. The Mike Judge interview is really good, and it was nice to have the follow up since the first one was done so long ago.

    Mine came with a sweet t-shirt too!

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