June 26th, 2014 by Tim


Sparks, Nevada. In 1984, I rented a space with a big roll-up door for $300 a month. I told the landlord that I needed it for screen-printing. I lied. There wasn’t even any running water but he rented the space to me any way.

I decided to call it The Crib. I don’t remember why.

In the short amount of time I had the space,I did about 10 shows and a shitload of punk rock parties. I miss being able to rent out spots like this, relatively cheaply.


At the time, this was the biggest punk rock show to happen in Reno. Definitely one of the biggest shows Positive Force ever did. It was an amazing gig. I almost went to jail that night because I booked it without a dance permit.


1983. I have very vague memories of this gig. I believe it was our first ever Santa Cruz show. Actually, scratch that. We played a party gig there the year before. Double Cross were our buddies from Grass Valley. A great, young HC band. Tales Of Terror and Verbal Abuse need no introduction.


1983. Boise, Idaho. A legendary show that almost didn’t happen. World-renowned punk rock artist Pushead – living in Boise at the time – called and asked us to come open for The Misfits and Poison Idea and we jumped at the chance to. Unfortunately, The Misfits canceled a week or so before the show. Pushead asked us if we still wanted to come play and we said yes. We brought our fellow Skeeno hardcore buddies Jackshit up with us and I’m glad we did because it was one of the funnest shows we had done, up to that point.

Fucked up part of the story. On the way back to Reno, Steve Youth’s Rickenbacker bass – which, along with a bunch of other stuff, was strapped to the roof of one of the cars we drove up in – feel off somewhere between Boise and Reno. We drove almost 200 miles back towards Boise to find it before turning back, no Rick and our tails between our legs. So sad.


1983. Reno, Nevada. Reno was fortunate to have Minor Threat come through town not once but twice in their short life. Ian and the boys were always extremely gracious and support of me, 7Secs and the Reno punk/hardcore community.

This show was a rager and featured 2 of the best hardcore bands Reno/Sparks/Lake Tahoe had to offer – Jackshit and Urban Assault.


  1. Larry Says:

    This is great. Flyers used to look so cool.

  2. Lance Says:

    Hard to believe Minor Threat played Reno twice.

    I was still playing with G.I. Joe’s on the other side of the state.

  3. Damaged Says:

    In the first flyer the skateboard’s front truck is very off center; why is this? Is this, perhaps, a secret message? A Reno thing? Please help me understand!

  4. Tom M. Says:

    Awesome entry! Love to hear about shows like this in the smaller scenes, with the more nationally recognized bands coming through

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