February 20th, 2014 by Larry


In what is most likely a “used without permission” photo, Supreme, has this interesting new “Mosh Tee” in their Spring/Summer 2014 catalog. The shirt features the photo taken by Bri Hurley and made famous from originally appearing on the back cover of Revelation Records’ first release, the Warzone “Lower East Side Crew” 7″.

See the shirt HERE.

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9 Responses to “SUPREME MOSH TEE”

  1. (B)OLD Says:


  2. Richard_Kern Says:

    Yes, what a hideous looking shirt. Pair it with a flat brim hat and you’ve got yourself a…

  3. Tim Says:

    looks like they (supreme) used a couple of Bri’s photos for these horrible shirts. supreme tries to say it’s original artwork by some dude “Neville Brody”… fuck that. Bri should get on their ass with a cease and desist!

  4. lenny zimkus Says:

    That is a pretty obscure image to be using on a tshirt. Who is the Hardcore kid who is designing this stuff?

  5. Alexa Says:

    That’s me on that piece of shit rag, and I am not happy. AT ALL.

  6. Jason Bush Says:

    It looks like he’s a pretty famous designer, but this is still a shit thing to do especially if it’s unlicensed.

  7. Lars Says:

    Funny how Supreme gets all up in arms about others infringing on their intellectual property:

    but are pretty lax when it comes to the intellectual property of others. I imagine it would have been pretty easy to get in touch with Bri or Revelation and get a license for the image. Oh well…

    Actually, thought the “Youth Crew” sweatshirt they did a few years ago was way better:

    Totally random seeing 17 yr old kids in Brooklyn wearing it, I would always be the weird old dude who was like “What do you know about Youth of Today!!??”

  8. Sacha Says:

    An iconic NYC skateboard company paying homage to NYHC, how is this bad? Do you know for a fact Neville Brody (who btw is a pretty accomplished artist) has not contacted Bri or Revelation? A lot of kids might get into hardcore because of stuff like this. Get off your high (and old) horses. Hardcore is for everyone.

  9. Ben Edge Says:

    Streetwear = culture vultures.

    borrow borrow borrow
    steal steal steal
    re-appropriation for profit.

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