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I’m sure the copy quoted below was prepared before the addition of The Almighty JUDGE to the bill. It looks like Joe has put together another incredible weekend of Hardcore revelry. —Ed DCXX

Lets get excited about Sick Of It All finally playing TIH!!! Returning to TIH after a few years off is our friends in Ceremony. We will also have annual fan favorites Cold World and Wisdom In Chains keeping the PAHC scene on top at TIH. H20, Bane, Ringworm and Rival Mob can’t seem to say no TIH after the last 3 years have been great sets for those bands.

Defeater is making their TIH Debut while No Redeeming Social Value is performing a 25th anniversary set with the return of Mike Dixon, original part of the vocal duo. This is not a reunion but the band hasn’t performed with Mike since ’97. NYHC legends Absolution are set to show the new generation what the Old School has to offer. This year’s fest has plenty of other planned activities that will be disclosed in early June. In the meantime – get your tickets now. —TIHC Crew

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May 7th, 2012 by Tim


Looking back, I can’t believe 4 years have passed since the inception of Double Cross. What started as an innocent little project, filled with uncertainty and any real direction, turned into a well oiled machine with an extreme focus and plenty of serious goals. Like anything you put a lot of time, energy and effort into, there are always ups and downs. Some interviews went well beyond our expectations, while others completely missed the mark. Some nights I found myself agonizing over the next entry, so frustrated and exhausted that I was ready to throw in the towel. Other nights I sat there with the biggest smile on my face, beaming and overjoyed just to see the actual entry posted.  It’s really been a love / hate relationship I’ve had with Double Cross, I can’t lie. At some point I felt like we raised the bar so high, with such quality entries, interviews, stories and photos, that we just had to maintain that level, no matter what. The problem is, with a full time job, a family, a home and real life responsibilities, time doesn’t always permit you to knock the ball out of the park, each and every time.  Out of our absolute love of hardcore, we dedicated ourselves to Double Cross as much as we possibly could.

Of course after doing Double Cross for the first year or so, we realized there was a lot of interest in what we were covering and the appreciation and support was overwhelming. Truthfully though, as much as we enjoy giving back to the scene and delivering the goods, there was a lot of self-serving going on as well. Plenty of what made it’s way onto Double Cross and was shared with the masses, could have easily been done, found, heard or read just for ourselves and we would have been just as happy. First and foremost, we’re fans and for the most part, what we do here is for our own curiosity and enjoyment.  Packaging it all up and sharing it happens to be fun and rewarding, plus a great way to pay tribute and archive what we respect so much.

One of our goals that have been dangling over our heads for the past couple of years, has been to turn Double Cross into more of a legit website. We wanted our own URL, we wanted more features, we wanted a nicer more organized way to archive and catalog our interviews and we just wanted more general organization. With the blogger format, there’s only so much you can do with it.  Ideally we’d love to have all of these new features in place right now, but it’s going to take time to get this site exactly where we want it. The positive is, with this new site and new format, the door is wide open and we have options.  Expect a lot of construction to be going on behind the scenes and of course we’ll keep you posted.


In with this new site, comes the new format, the new design and more features. What also comes with this new format is an easier way to constantly update and maintain the site. Instead of putting so much pressure on ourselves to drop the next all impressive interview, we’ll let them come when they come and in the meantime, shorter and more consistent entries will drop on a daily basis. What also comes with the new site, are two more cooks in the kitchen, Larry Ransom and Ed McKirdy. Gordo and I will still be here, still plugging away like always, but with the addition of Larry and Ed into the DCXX mix, more entires will be produced, more can get done and streamlined. Larry has been creating and maintaing his own websites as well as other’s, for years and he’s clearly got the drive, passion and know-how to make it all happen. Ed also has the know-how and creative skills to steer this ship exactly how and where we want it to go. What’s also great about having all 4 of us on board together, is that we all see eye to eye with each other and generally all share the same interests and have the same goals. It really should be a win – win situation.

Along with the new site, you’ll also notice a wider variety of content being brought into the fold. Of course hardcore will still be the heart of what drives the site, but in order for us to maintain the site like we want to with a constant flow of updates, we felt like bringing other interests into the mix could only benefit the site in the long run. If you look back at my very first DCXX entry, which I titled Intro 2008, right off the bat, I mentioned skateboarding and how without it and magazines like Thrasher, I might have never found hardcore.  Because of that, I owe a lot of respect and gratitude to skateboarding and 28 years later, I still find myself enjoying it. Although I may not be spending every waking moment on my board like I did from 12 to 16, I get out there on the weekends with my son as much as possible and still get that rush and excitement that I had way back then. So here and there, I’ll be dropping some skateboarding entries into the mix and I’m sure some of the other guys will as well. Really, the bottom line is, we’ll be sharing more of what makes each of us tick. Whether it be skateboarding, motorcycles, bikes, movies, art, books, other forms of music or just random thoughts, it will all be dropped into the hardcore recipe to hopefully produce something that’s interesting, informative and entertaining.

So book mark this new site, check out what we’ve been posting over the past couple of months, tune in daily, expect a work in progress and hopefully you enjoy checking it out as much as we enjoy putting it together. Thanks for the support. —Tim DCXX