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Every once in awhile, we here at DCXX are given the opportunity to shed some extra light on situations that we consider worthy. When Gorilla Biscuits drummer, Luke Abbey, reached out to us looking for a little assistance on selling some records, we were more than happy to help. Aside from the fact that Luke’s been dealing with a pretty significant injury and could use the extra money, we knew some of our readers would be more than interested in what Luke has to offer.

In addition to helping Luke with his auctions, we also managed to coordinate an interview with him. Expect in the very near future, a major interview with the guy that delivered the beats for bands like Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits and a handful of other legendary New York City Hardcore bands. I think it’s safe to say, we have high hopes for this one.

Now check out what Luke has to say regarding his auctions. –Tim DCXX

Hi Folks,
My name is Luke Abbey and I’m the drummer for the band Gorilla Biscuits. Recently, while we were playing in Chicago at the Revelation Records 25th anniversary show, I tore my biceps tendon. I’d already had a number of shoulder and arm injuries I’d been trying to manage on my own, but during our second song it finally gave out and completely snapped, forcing me to go in for surgery the following week. I underwent several repairs and am now embarking on a lengthy rehabilitation process while also facing considerable expenses.

A few days ago, I contacted Tim from Double Cross to ask if he would mind allowing me to post a collection of my own personal records and a few t-shirts on the Livewire message board in order to deal with my current and ensuing medical costs. He not only agreed to that, but was gracious enough to offer to run a full post on Double Cross in order to bring increased attention to my sale.

I’ve included absolutely every record I hope to sell – if it’s not listed, I don’t have it. All are in good playing condition and contain whatever lyric sheets were originally included – except where noted. They are all 1st pressings with a few exceptions which I’ve noted as well. The only drawback to any of these as far as I can tell, is that many of the jackets are distressed to some degree. That being said, nothing is in terrible condition, torn, or severely flawed. They’ve just got a bit of character. As for the t-shirts, they’ve been worn before but are neither torn nor altered, and are in wearable condition. 

Here is the link to the ebay pages where the auctions can be found. If anyone has any additional questions or would like additional photos, I’ll do my best to oblige.

My seller name is yebba72.

Additionally, I will respond to as many questions or requests as possible at the following email:

However, as I mentioned above, please respect the fact that I’ve nothing further to sell than what’s listed, nor am I interested in any trades.

Auction Schedules and Photos
The shirt auctions will begin 7:00 – 7:30 PST on 2/5
The record auctions will begin 8:00 – 8:30 PST on 2/5
The shirt auctions will end between 2:00 PM – 3:45 PM PST on 2/13
The record auctions will end between 2:00 PM – 3:45 PM PST on 2/13 







Here is the list, all first pressings except where noted:

7″ Records
Last Rights: Chunks / So Ends Our Night – Taang
Youth of Today: Can’t Close My Eyes – Positive Force – White Lettering – 2nd pressing
Judge: NY Crew – Schism 
Warzone: Lower East Side Crew – Revelation Records 
NYHC: “Together” Compilation – Revelation Records
Crippled Youth: Join the Fight – New Beginning
Underdog: S/T – New Beginning
Side By Side: You’re Only Young Once… – Revelation Records
Slapshot: Same Mistake / Might Makes Right – Taang – Blue Vinyl
Unity: You Are One – Wishingwell Records – not sure what pressing
Alone In A Crowd: S/T – Flux Records – *Vinyl edge has a very slight upturn but does not affect playing at all*
7 Seconds: Blasts from the Past – Positive Force – Green Vinyl – not sure what pressing
Justice League: Think or Sink – Just 4 Fun Records
The Abused: Loud and Clear – Abused Music – *Missing lyric sheet and the cover has come unglued*
Civ: Et Tu Brute / Can’t Wait One Minute More – Revelation Records – White Vinyl
Quicksand: Dine Alone / Can Opener – Polydor Records – Promotional 




12″ Records
Judge: Bringing It Down – Revelation Records – Green Marble Vinyl
Stalag 13: In Control – Upstart Records
Straight Ahead: S/T – I Risk 
Rest In Pieces: My Rage – One Step Ahead
Youth of Today: BDTW – Wishingwell Records
Uniform Choice: Screaming For Change – Wishingwell Records – Yellow Lettering
Slap Shot: Back On the Map – Taang
Insted: Bonds of Friendship – Wishingwell Records 
No For An Answer: A Thought Crusade – Hawker Records
NYHC Where the Wild Things Are: compilation – Blackout Records
Agnostic Front: Cause For Alarm – Combat Core 
DYS: S/T – Modern Method Records – Promotional
Agression: Don’t Be Mistaken -BYO 
Verbal Assault: Learn – Positive Force – *Missing Poster*
Quicksand: Manic Compression – Rev/Island
Dag Nasty: Can I Say – Dischord
Fair Warning: You Are the Scene – Fair Warning Records
Into Another: S/T – Revelation Records
Mike Judge and Old Smoke: Sights – Revelation Records



photo 3


Uniform Choice: “Straight and Alert” / 4-sided / Wishingwell / White T w/ Blue and Red Print / Size L – slightly worn condition
Judge: “New York Crew” / 2-sided /Blue T w/ Yellow Schism logo on front pocket / White “Hammers” on back / Size L – good condition
Insted: “Chet” design / 2-sided / Blue T w/ White Insted logo on front pocket / White “Chet” design on back / Size L – good condition
Bad Trip: ? design / 2 sided / White T with Black logo and guy with beer on front pocket / Black drawing of crowd on back / Size L – good condition w/ light stain on front

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

So thanks to all of you who decide to bid on any of these records or t-shirts and lend some support in the process. And of course, my gratitude goes to Tim who has helped me out beyond measure.

Take care all, 



  1. Millah Says:

    Good luck with your recovery Luke. Thanks for bringing the beat to a lot of the songs that really had an impact on my youth

  2. Sacha Says:

    All the best Luke! Thanks for all the music! One thing though, why is there no overseas shipping? Japan and Europe pay gooood money for this stuff, myself included. Was prepared to go to 150$ on that BT tee alone. You stand a risk of making abt 30% less money this way, just saying. If it’s by choice, good luck anyways!

  3. billysidebyside Says:

    YO! Lukey Luke, sorry to hear about your injury! already pushed this to my facebook page. I’ll drop you an email too. anything I can do let me know. I emailed a few other people who might not know as well. hang in brother. we’re spreadin’ the news!

  4. billysidebyside Says:

    PS: nice pic at the top of the page!

  5. John Scully Says:

    Good luck with your recovery Luke. If that Judge shirt has a Miller tag, I can see that putting a sizable dent in your medical expenses.

  6. Luke Says:

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the interest and kind words I’ve received from so many of you already.

    While listing my auctions I inadvertently neglected to include international shipping as an option. However, in order for me to include that ability, I must end the listings which have already received bids and then re-list them.

    I am in the process of doing so now – one by one. Please be aware that the end times of the auctions will be altered as well, but they will all be up and running again shortly – and each should only be removed for a matter of minutes at most.

    Any standing bids will unfortunately be cancelled as are the restrictions set forth by ebay.

    I apologize for the confusion and/or frustration this may cause any of you, but I have gotten several emails from people overseas who were interested in the shirts and records. Hopefully this will not be to much of an issue for most of you.

    Again, thanks for your interest and understanding.

    – Luke

  7. Luke Says:

    Alright, folks.

    Everything is back up.
    Thanks for your patience.

    – Luke

  8. pablo Says:

    Dear Luke,

    I do not know you personally, but I like all of the work you have done. I hope your arm heals well, and you can bang out a few more GB shows, and possibly add some other music to your history of great endeavors.

    I wish you a speedy recovery, and i look forward to spending way too much for your bad trip shirt!!!

    Hang in the there brother!

    peace 🙂

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  11. Tobi Neumann Says:

    Dear Luke!

    Selling all that stuff must hurt! Hope you ultimately recover soon with no pain left!
    All the best,
    Tobi from Germany

  12. Simon Says:

    Best wishes from Sweden and hope of a speedy recovery! Hang in there Luke 🙂

  13. Luke Says:

    Auctions should be available in Japan now as well. Once again – careless error on my part.


    – Luke

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