May 18th, 2012 by Gordo


The difference between the seven inch and the LP was probably from the stuff we were listening to as well as just our own progression in musicianship.  I think everyone was getting a little bit better and wanting to challenge ourselves.  It was just a natural thing.  We were just four kids who got together after school and played.  There were never band meetings or anything to talk about what direction we wanted to go in.  But our sound was naturally developing.

I think Embrace and the DC stuff crept in.  Plus, I was also still into metal, so Metallica and Slayer was in there too.  I would sit and listen to Ride The Lightning and learn every riff in my bedroom rewinding the tape over and over again.  That’s where the acoustic guitar intro type stuff came from.

-Jay Laughlin, Turning Point

4 Responses to “TURNING POINT”

  1. Todd Deckard Says:

    TP remains such great music.Moody and powerful. Good little read. Long live Double Cross

  2. Joey X Says:

    Turning Point will always be one of my favorite bands, I’ll never forgive myself for sleeping on listening to them for so long. Still, I can’t help but equate Turning Point with hardcore with slap and pop bass parts.

  3. XclearmindX Says:

    yes, moody and powerfull! broken is one of the greatest songs
    in hc history

  4. XclearmindX Says:

    skip died on drugs?! is it true?

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