August 31st, 2012 by Larry


Did you know Uniform Choice recorded two demos in the ’90s? Me neither. I came across these scans of their demo covers online today. Totally bizarre.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Trent Ober, Pat Longrie, Jim Viviano, Rich J Weinrauch, Mike Haynes

15 Responses to “UNIFORM CHOICE IN THE 90s”

  1. andy Says:

    with longrie the only og…

  2. emile zola Says:

    the rainmaker demo
    if you like crappy metal music

  3. p Says:

    someone needs to make wishingwell styled shirts shirts using these designs

  4. Rob Says:

    why oh why oh why oh WHY, did they feel the need to keep the name.. makes ZERO sense on every level.

  5. Rob Says:

    ACTUALLY… just listened to tis stuff again and IOU musically sounds like Headfirst or Mission Impossible.. like it coulda been on Workshed. Possiblly even a bit Downcast-ish…
    BUT then the vocals are about as Mother Love Bone as you could possible get.. and wreck it for me…

  6. Tom Says:

    I feel like keeping the name is a bait and switch tactic to tricking older fans of Uniform Choice. Longrie could/should have dropped the moniker and opted for something different. I’ve heard a few songs from the ’90s era of U.C. and it’s not my thing, but don’t drag the rest of the band through the dirt with something like this.

  7. Andrew Strife Says:

    I have a t-shirt with that graphic from the Consider This demo!

  8. sacha Says:

    Wow. Obscure. Sucks.

  9. Chris Shary Says:

    OK, so as weird as this all sounds, try and imagine for just a minute seeing this incarnation in the early 90’s and hearing them playing anything off of the first album. That is way more koo-koo to me to think about.

  10. Roa. Says:

    From Uniform Choice’s lead singer Jim Viviano’s website http://jimviviano.com/Bio.htm:

    I wanted something more and got together with a Orange County punk group called Uniform Choice in 1991. I wasn’t really interested in playing hard core punk but these guys were into trying a new sound after 10 years of punk and we released 2 records within a 3 year period. We received really good reviews, got clothing sponsorships, and played a ton shows at venues I always dreamed about when I was growing up (Irvine Meadows, The Whiskey, The Palace, Troubadour, The Roxy, Coach House, The Galaxy). We were played regularly on the local Hard Rock radio stations KLOS and KNAC in Los Angeles and the outlook was good. We had several Indie labels and management offers but declined because we wanted something bigger for the band. Looking back in hindsight I guess we were greedy. In 1994 we changed our band name to Sol Ignition and tried a different direction again. We released a full-length album on our own Indie label and achieved some local success like before. After playing with the same 5 guys for almost 6 years people we ready to move on to new experiences.

  11. Ben Edge Says:

    Wow, Pat Longrie as the only original member. Oh wait, he’s not even an original member! Pat Dyson was the drummer on the ’84 Demo and Screaming For Change.

  12. Wilson Says:

    No Thanks I Don’t Need Your Grunge

  13. erba Says:

    Holy crap I never knew this even occured. Terrible!

  14. KegAhead Says:

    I’d rather listen to Dubar’s poetry on infinite repeat.

  15. pat dyson Says:

    Don’t be fooled pat longr
    eie and his longhair heavy metal band were not allowed to use the name uniform choice!!!!! He did this because that’s the only way he could get people to listen to his band. Sorry to all the punk rock fans that got sucked into his ego driven fantasy!!!!

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