November 7th, 2013 by Tim


X Claim! with the perfectly executed hardcore graphic design and photography. I’ve stared at and studied these records for hours on end, as did so many others. These guys laid the blueprint for how so many of us went on to do things, ideologically, musically and graphically. Thanks Al Barile and crew. –Tim DCXX

3 Responses to “X CLAIM!”

  1. og. Rudy Says:

    Def. a Classic my mane!

  2. oldschoolsteve Says:

    ah the boston six,every release is essential.the label finished with the best true hardcore record of all time,jerrys kids!! boston!!

  3. ROA. Says:

    Did anyone else ever notice that DYS did not list song titles on their record?

    It could have been a single song on a one sided disc but the pictures made us all buy it.


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