March 29th, 2012 by Gordo

Youth Of Today at The Anthrax, 1989. I don’t know about you, but that looks like a perfect stage diver. Photo by Chris Fortin.

“Then I also noticed that everyone was stage diving. It was the first time I ever saw stage diving. I saw these guys stage diving, they would say something into the microphone; I didn’t realize they were singing along. I just thought they would say something random into the microphone. I was like, “alright, you’ve gotta pick something clever to say, because before this show stops I have to jump off that stage.” So I’m slamming, slamming, slamming. And then the UK Subs were like, “Okay this is our last song,” and I was like, “I’ve gotta do it.” So I jumped on the stage, I grabbed the microphone and said “Fuck Ronald Reagan” and I jumped off the stage. I didn’t realize I was supposed to say the lyrics of the song. I just said something I thought was very poignant and would make me look cool. it probably had the opposite affect.

That was it. From then on, we slammed…actually, we moshed.  We copied the New York Style of moshing. We were really into dancing as part of the culture. 100% stolen from New York. But I will say..and I traveled a lot back then…New York had a style of dancing that no one else had around the country. I mean, just from traveling around the country back then, it was actually an art form. I can’t describe it. So we mimicked it as best as we could.”

-Ray Cappo

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  1. Baltasar Says:

    How this was stacked in a bmenaset, loose, and not in a record bin with your YOT stuff, sealed in plastic is beyond me! In the late 90’s Cappos was cleaning out some stuff from his parents and he found that box of records. I know he gave Porter an Abused 7″ and I’m guessing this must have come from that collection. Cool artwork. I remember aquinting at that skiz-8 cover and trying to see what the Crucial Times record was. I thought that maybe it was a live bootleg or maybe it was a joke on people like me who needed every record on that cover. I eventually heard rumors that it was the latter but still it seemed like a lot of work to go through just for a prank. I still wonder if it was a proposed cover design that never was used and they just slapped it on the Cant close my eyes ep to see what it would’ve looked like. It;d be interesting to find out the story behind the illustration.

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